Overseas shipping

Overseas shipping:

Shipping cost over 150 Euros to European countries. And over $200 to Arab countries.

Shipping costs vary according to the country and product name, after selecting the products, you can see the shipping cost by selecting the country on the screen. Within a week or 10 days, each of the cargo companies you make an agreement with, delivers to all regions of the world. (Delivery time may vary depending on the selected courier company) and is shipped with Aramex.

The amount of purchases is calculated with the price of the day the order arrives.

If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact our customer service to let us know the problem.
This will help not to repeat the same situation on next orders. When your package is shown in our check-in system,

it will be possible to return it, excluding shipping charges. (Rarely) Packages sent abroad may get caught in the Customs in the country they are traveling to. In such a case, customs officers will contact you to let you know what you need to do to receive your package,
customs duties may vary according to your request and your country.

Tesemoda is not responsible if the Customer's Goods are placed in customs.